Assembling the flower cookies

The fun of baking 3D cookies starts when the baking of regular cookies is done, assembling the different parts so you get a 3D picture.  In this case, the fun Dutch flowerpots. Here are some tips for an easy assembly.


Step 1: making the hole big enough

bloempotkoekjes maken

Before the cookies enter the oven, check to make sure the hole in the round base is big enough. The size of the cookie cutters is exactly right to fit the 5 mm thick flowers, but when cutting or transferring the dough the hole might have changed.


The dough might have caved inward a bit or the hole might have shifted a bit. Use a small knife or palette knife to push bak the dough to retain the correct shape.


If you plan on using fondant for decorating, make the hole just a little larger as mentioned above. The cookie cutters are designed for cookies without fondant, but with this trick they will surely fit.

Step 2: making icing

You will need a bit of icing to glue the pots together to keep them stable. You can buy icing glue in the store but it’s very easy to make yourself. In a small bowl, combine a considerable amount of icing sugar with just a few drops of water. If you have added too much water, just add more icing sugar. Mix till you have a smooth glue. 


It isn’t specifically necessary to use this glue, but we recommend it, it will make the pots more stable.



Step 3:  stacking the cookies

With a small brush, apply a small amount of glue to the two round cookies and stack them. The top cookie doesn’t need any glue.


You can use a kitchen brush of the back of a small spoon or a knife, whatever works for you.

Step 4:  the flowers in the pots

Let the glue between the base cookies harden a bit to make them stable.  Gently push the flower cookies into the pots. The cookies are fragile and once they’re baked, not bendable. So don’t press too hare if the flower doesn’t fit, before you know it, the flower will break and that would be a shame.


And tadaaa….your cookies are done. Time to decorate.  

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