How to make the perfect cookie dough?

Good dough is the basis to achieving perfect cookies. Especially when baking 3D cookies. It is important that your dough doens’t spread while baking, otherwise your cookies won’t keep their shape and won’t fit after baking. So follow the recipe for cookie dough closely.

What to do when the dough is too sticky?

koekjes deeg maken

Dough too sticky

Have you followed the recipe closely and the dough still remains sticky? Just add a dusting of flour. Do this bit by bit. Do not over-add flour or your dough will end up too dry.



Dough too dry

If the dough is too dry, first try kneading with your hands. This will usually soften up the dough and often this is enough to make the dough suitable to work with. Divide the dough into to smaller portions, this makes it easier to knead instead of kneading the whole ball at once. If this still doesn’t work, add just a bit of butter.


3 tips to prevent cookies from spreading while baking

Tip 1: use dairy butter



Butter hardens when cooled and therefore the cookies will keep their shape. If you have a lactose or cowmilk intolerance, coconut oil is a fine substitute. This also hardens when cooled. Never use margarine of fluid margarines, as the cookies will collapse and lose their shape.



koekjesdeeg in de koelkast

Tip 2: make sure the butter is COLD


Cool the cookie dough in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. For an even better result, refridgerate the dough overnight. The dough will absorb all wet ingredients and the cookies will have a better consistency.



kneading cookie dough

Tip 3: knead, knead, knead



When the dough is supple, it will be easier to work with. Kids love kneading. Give them a small piece to work with and let them knead away. 



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