Decorating cookies with sprinkles

After baking, kids love decorating cookies the most. Decorating can be done is lots of ways, for instance with icing or fondant. The easiest way to decorate for kids is with sprinkles, because it doesn’t really matter if it’s not neat. This is an ideaal party activity. There are many different sorts of sprinkles, such as nonpareils, hundreds-and-thousands, jimmies, sanding sugar, pearl sugar. You can also use m&m’s. Everything is possible, as long as it’s fun and yummy. We will explain wat you need and the how-to below.

Step 1: Setting up

What do you need?

1.surface: baking sheet, greaseproof paper or silicon mat

2. small bowl

3. brush

4. icing sugar

5. sprinkles

6. water




Step 2: Making the icing

You can buy icing in the store, but making it yourself is pretty easy with just icing sugar and water.

Add an amount of icing sugar in a bowl and add a few drops of water. Added too much water, just add some extra icing sugar.


Mix until mixture is smooth….and your glue is ready!


Step 3: Icing the cookies

koekjes glazuren

Now that your icing is done, you can start with the cookies. Make sure you don’t wait to long before sprinkling the decoration. The icing will harden out quickly and the sprinkles won’t stick. Finish decorating one cookie at a time.


Tip: don’t ice the stems of the flowers all the way to the end, they won’t fit into the flowerpots otherwise.


Step 4: Decorating the cookies with sprinkles

Sprinkle the cookie flower with any decoration and they’ll start to bloom. Do what your heart desires, whatever pattern suits you. You can decorate the flowers and the pots, just don’t decorate the ends of stems or they won’t fit in the pots.


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