Decorating with fondant

Cookies served with coffee or tea look so much more festive when decorated. Or how about handing them out as a party favour at school or at work? These flowers perk up everything. Below, we will explain how to decorate the cookies with fondant, using the 3D cookie cutter set. Fondant is a doughlike substance made of sugar and glucose and can be bought in grocery stores, specialty stores and online. It is available in many happy colours. Decide for yourself which colours you want to use for your flowers. We used green, red, white, yellow and pink.

Step 1: Setting up

What do you need?

1.surface:  baking sheet, greaseproof paper or silicon mat

2. rolling pin

3. cookie cutters

4. accessories, like pallet knife or fondant scriber tool

5. fondant

6. icing sugar


Make sure your surface is smooth and non-sticky. We used a baking mat by Wilton, but you could also use greaseproof paper or a silicon mat. To make sure the fondant doesn’t stick to the silicon mat, dust with icing sugar.


Step 2: Rolling fondant

Take a piece of fondant and knead it well so that it’s nice and supple. If necessary, dust icing sugar on the work surface, this will make it easier to remove the fondant cut outs.  Roll out the fondant as thin as possible with a rolling pin. Do not use the measuring sticks as you did with the cookies or the fondant will be 5 mm as well. You’ll want the fondant as thin as possible so that the flowers will fit in the pots when done. If you decide to decorate with fondant, take this into consideration when baking the cookies and make the hole for the flowers pots a little larger.


Step 3: Cutting out the fondant shapes

Use the cookie cutters to cut out the fondant. Use a knife or a scriber tool to remove clear the edges of the mold so that only the flower remains. Because the fondant is very thin, the pattern of the mold, like leaves and small lines, won’t be visible. To achieve this, pick up the mold with fondant very carefully and press gently on the reverse side. Use a spatula or palette knife to pick up the fondant, so as not to break it.


Step 4: Cutting out multiple colors

By using multiple colors, your flowers will look even more real. We used green for the stems and red for the tulip. Cut out the whole flower in green and in red. Cut off the red stem and substitute it for the green stem. In case of the other flower shapes, you can change the color of the circle in the middle as well. See examples as soon above.


Step 5: Gluing the fondant

To glue the fondant to the cookies, use glue made out of icing sugar and water. Add an amount of icing sugar to a small bowl and add a few drops of water, mix to smooth paste.  You can add water, one drop at a time, or icing sugar to get the consistency you want for the glue. Use a brush to spread the glue on to the cookie and adhere the fondant. Let dry for a moment and your decorated cookies are done!


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