How to use the measuring sticks?

We have included 2 measuring sticks in our cookie cutter set to help you roll out the dough. But why do you need these and how do you use these? Let us explain.

Why do you need the measuring sticks?

When we started baking our 3D cookies, we noticed that when baking, not a single cookie turned out the same. While one was too thick, the other turned out too thin, or the hole was too small for the flower cookies to fit or it was too wide.


So how do you fix that? Of course we kept trying the holes in the molds, but realized that the thickness of the rolled out dough was essential. As soon as the dough wasn’t evenly rolled out, the cookies didn’t fit.


The solution: measuring sticks.

Using the sticks ensures that the dough is rolled out evenly. As a result of all the baking, we discovered that 5 mm is the ideal thickness for our cookies. That’s why each set contains 2 measuring sticks.

How to use the measuring sticks?

koekjesdeeg uitrollen met meetlatjes

First off, it is necessary to ensure a stable surface on which to roll out the dough. The measuring sticks and dough should not be able to move easily. Silicon mats are ideal and also usable in the oven. Using two mats is most efficient: one for rolling out the dough and one for cutting out and baking the cookies.


When you roll out the dough on the kitchencounter or the table, the dough tends to stick. Of course you can dust the counter with flour before rolling out the dough, but this flour will be absorbed by the dough, making it too dry.


Take a small portion of the dough and knead it well first. Place it between the two measuring sticks and roll over with a rolling-pin. You’ll see that the rolling-pin can’t go any further than the height of the sticks and that is exactly what you want.


It could bet hat the dough sticks to the rolling-pin, this can be helped by using a bit of greaseproof paper on top of the dough or dusting the rolling-pin very lightly with flour.


Using the cookie cutters

After rolling out the dough between the sticks, transfer it carefully onto the silicon mat or greaseproof paper you’ll be using in the oven. You can do this using a spatula or large palette knife.


By cutting the cookies on the baking sheet,  you prevent the cookies from losing their shape or breaking when transferring. The shapes are fragile.

Rolling out the dough takes up quite a bit of space, that’s why it’s better to do that on a countertop instead of the bakingsheet.


Refridgerate the cut out cookies for a further 10 minutes before baking for the best result.


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