Unique 3D cookie cutter set

Cookies4fun - 3D koekjes bakset

You can bake the cutest standing flower pots with the 3D cookie cutter set by Cookies4fun yourself. The best gift for big and little bakers.

  • the newest trend in baking cookies
  • baking, decorating and making a puzzle
  • create fun party treats for school
  • unique cookie shapes in a luxurious keep sake box
  • Even non-bakers can do it!

Baking cookies is fun and brings back memories. But baking 3D cookies with our cookies cutters is even more fun. What are 3D cookies? 3D cookies are made up of different parts which, after baking, are assembled to make a standing shape. They are a real eye catcher with coffee or as a treat in school. Forget the regular sugar cookies and the cupcakes and delve into the new trend: 3D cookies. Super fun and easy to make with the unique cookie cutters by Cookies4fun. Everyone can do it and they look cute. Buy the 3D cookies cutter set: Dutch Flowerpots now!


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versierde bloemkoekjes, 3D koekjes
3D cookies, flowers, decorating cookies

Baking tips

Baktips voor koekjes bakken

We’d love to help you bake the perfect cookies. Our tips will help you prepare. They are mostly tips and tricks that we came across while baking and we’d love to share them with you. If you have any questions concerning the baking of the cookies, let us know and we will do our best to help you. 


De lekkerste koekjes recepten

You can find the yummiest cookie recipes here. All our recipes are suitable for baking 3D cookies. Take a look at the recipe for traditional shortbread cookies for example. For a healthy party favor in school, you can use the recipe for sugarless spelt flour cookies.  

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